THE DUST* (For George Lamming)

Sometimes pun a’Sar’dee
Night, meet yuh man
An’ if God bless yuh, beget.

Yuh does get up, walk ’bout,
Praise God that yuh body
Int turnin’ to stone,

An’ that you bubbies still big.
That you got a good
Voice that can shout

For heaven to hear
You: int got nothin’ to fear
From no man. You does come

To the shop, stop, talk
Little bit, get dispatch
An’ go home.

You still got a back that kin dig
In the fields
An’ hoe an’ pull up the weeds

From the peeny brown
Square that you callin’ you own:
You ‘int sick an’ you children strong.

Ev’ry day you see the sun
Rise, the sun
Set, God sen’ ev’ry month

A new moon. Dry season
Follow wet season again
An’ the green crop follow the rain.

An’ then suddenly so
Widdout rhyme
Widdout reason

You crops start to die
You can’t even see the sun in the sky;
An’ suddenly so, without rhyme.

Without reason, all you hope gone
Ev’rything look like it comin’ out wrong.
Why is that? What it mean?