The Teacher speaks

KARMA                                ‘….down through these islands….’

The Teacher speaks:

  1. I have come unscathed through Purgatory to our children

 for the children are omens of difference, the tokens for the passage

from our father’s land to our father’s land.

The old volcanoes have cooled to their set differences, and I earnestly proclaim

new mounds of island playing in cloud on the horizon.

Let us bathe in the river of learning, look to the horizon.


And look! On this shore! One whose sad eyes

    had seen the lurking shocks, the rocks and the mosses,

     whose frame felt currents when strong breeze shoved his bark out to the islands.

     His bark crashed and shuddered and

    His resurrected body walks the beach. 

   And yet, I insist that my lover must not breed me

cannot make me end my gaze on one too near to me.

   I love us all.