Table of Contents

H.A. Vaughan Epitaphs and Dedications
H.A. Vaughan Revalation
John Hearne What The Barbadian Means To Me
John Wickham Clennell Wickham: A Man For All Time
Gordon Lewis The Struggle For Freedom
Syl Lowhar The Colonial
Austin Harris Harrison College And Me
Geoffrey Drayton An Education In Retrospect
Kevyn Arthur The Teacher Speaks
George Lamming In The Castle Of My Skin (excerpt)
George Simmons The Legitimacy Of Codrington College
Kevyn Arthur If When They Brought The News
Clyde A. Walcott The Home Of The Heroes
H.A. Vaughan Samuel Jackman Prescod: The Birth of A Hero
George Lamming Of Age And Innocence (excerpt)
Lionel Hutchinson Conrad Reeves: A Kind Of Perfection
Marguerite Wyke A Note On Becoming A Foreigner
Barbara Jones West India
Richard B. Moore On Barbadians And Minding Other People’s Business
Frank Collymore Selected Poems
H.A. Vaughan Selected Poems
Keith Hunte Duncan O’Neale: Apostle Of Freedom
John Mordecai Federation And After
A.N. Forde Peasant’s Hope For Emancipation
Paule Marshall To Da-duh, In Memoriam
Messages From Puerto Rico
Mickey Walrond Health and Freedom
Theo Hills The Poor Man And His Land
Shirley Gudmundson Independence and the Middle Man
Timothy Callender An Honest Thief
A.N. Forde Canes by the Roadside
Wilfred Cartey Lamming And The Search For Freedom
Edward Baugh Frank Collymore And The Miracle of Bim
Edward Brathwaite The Dust – For George Lamming