Statement by the Editor


Towards the end of 1962, a discussion group was formed to encourage Guyanese to reflect on their problems and to state the positions they take publicly and lucidly. The group is open to all who wish to take a serious interest in the problems of Guyana. There is no restriction in respect of race, class or political persuasion. The policy of its promoters, is no more, and no less, than to promote an open and thoughtful approach to problems.

It has been decided to publish a magazine quarterly based largely on papers read to the group by various members and adapted for publication. The editor of this magazine firmly believes that many of the existing disputes are more apparent than real and that the areas of difference could at least be clarified by serious and objective discussion. All those interested in Guyana are faced with the same problems. The real need is to give a correct description of the problems and an indication of what can be done. There is at present too much posturing and too little thought.

As the group is composed of persons of differing political persuasions, it is clear that the contents of a particular article reflect the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of the other members of the group. In fact, it is possible that in subsequent issues, articles expressing different opinions on the same subject might be published.


The Editor wishes to thank the public for their enthusiastic support of the first printing, all copies of which were sold within a week. In this reprint an attempt has been made to eliminate the errors which appeared in the first printing. There are no other changes.