Yes, from Babe to Childhood and from then to a man

All the way there are always someone coming to tell you of

God and the grave

Yes, from sunrise until sunset

Then there is a policy entered your gate or your door

I don’t mind your coming but am scared at your talking and

of a stranger’s philosophy

Now just who are you again?

A gown of blackness, a collar of white – a bible in your hand

While the day is silent and religion bells are striking

Today is Sunday so no witchcrafting please

Get out of I way for I can see

the Devil’s disciples are opening the gates of Hell

in the midst of the pastors

Then I can see a few is coming this way.

Yes, these few I know them by their works

I can feel them by the spirit

For only the writers from Heaven can express

How God glory feels . . . .

I need none from the clergies to show I this place

Friends I have already, knowing I way around

Now out of I way, you evil sets of tyrants Who made men lives decay . . . .

Slavery is over

So said Suck me blood and his boys as they form council

on the white barbecue

A word from the slavemasters to my brothers and sisters –

Put down your slave pick and shovel and take up a Bible

Are you covering a revenge fellows?

Now as the State builds his army

Then the church leads our human spirit

There is a shadow in the midst now creeping

Yes, a lion had entered the door

I can see love in the rainbow shining

So I need your service no more.