Cover Poem

And here we are now on our feet, my country and I,

my hair flying in the breeze, my small hand clasped in

its massive fist.

And the strength is not in us but above and beyond us,

in a voice which soars through the night like some winged


And the voice announces

that over the ages Europe has pumped us with lies and

inflicted the plague on us

For now we know in truth

that man’s work is by no means complete

that we have not nothing to contribute to the world

that parasites we are not

that no more need we squat at the gate

but that man’s work has only just begun

and that he has to release his energies and conquer

and that no single race has a monopoly of beauty, intelligence


and that there is room for all to conquer.

And now we know that our land too is within the orbit of

the sun

which shines on the little plot we have willed for ourselves,

that without constraint we are free to move heaven, earth

and the stars.