Table of Contents

Gold L.E. Braithwaite (For Wilson Harris)
Foreword The Prime Minister: Forbes Burnham
Growing up Cheddi Jagan
A Question of Self-Contempt Martin Carter
Kanhai: A study in confidence C.L.R. James
Artist and Teacher: E. R. Burrowes Donald Locke
But Alas Edgar George Lamming
Discovery of Guyana Sir Walter Raleigh
A Birth of Freedom Sidney King
Travels in Guyana Richard Schomburgk
Masses in Action
20 years of Politics in our Land D. DeCaires and Miles Fitzpatrick
The Damned Franz Fanon
People and Change Raymond Smith
Kyk-over-Al and the Radicals L.E. Braithwaite
Size and Survival Lloyd Best
Poems Martin Carter
Ballad of My Two Grandfathers Nicolas Guillen
Ballad of The River Spirits Nicolas Guillen
Pioneers in American Freedom John Clarke
Elegy Nicolas Guillen
A Swarthy Boy: An Extract Edgar Mittelholzer
   Doctrines of Imperial Responsibility James Millette
Tomorrow and Today: A Vision C.L.R. James
The Far Journey of Oudin Wilson Harris
Franz Fanon: My Hope and Hero Orlando Patterson
The Rhythm of Society and Landscape

(Mittelholzer, Carew, Williams, Dathorne)

Wilfred Cartey
Black Midas (extract) Jan Carew
The Dislocated Image Kenneth Ramchand
The Necessity of Poetry Louis James
Natives of My Person (extract from new novel) George Lamming
The Day My Father Died Mervyn Morris
For the Third World Aime Cesaire
Cover and Sketches Donald Locke